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September, 2013 Image Power: Making Digital Images Roar
Summer, 2013 Great Digital Lessons
May, 2013 Fighting Plagiarism
March, 2013 Looking Ahead
Baltimore County Library Apocalypse
January, 2013 Technology for the sake of technology - False promises, false prophets and false notions
Core Standards and Technology
Mind Mapping and Revising on iPads and Laptops



November, 2012 Saving Face - Being Smart About FaceBook
Just say no! What does Google know (and sell)?
Core Standards, Writing and Computers
September, 2012 The Brave New Librarian
Smart Tech
May, 2012 The New Book, the New Reading and the New Reader
March, 2012 No More Backpacks!
January, 2012 eReading: How is reading changing with the advent of eBooks?



November, 2011 Is the iPad a Game Changer?
September, 2011 Escaping the Filter Bubble
Where is the off switch?
Summer, 2011 Stumbling toward Insight
May, 2011 Learning to trust the amateurs
March, 2011 Knowtation
Alone Together — A Review
Laptop Writing and Thinking
January, 2011 Combatting Mental Brownout in the Classroom
Digital Pedagody 101



November, 2010 Wordless is Clueless
Addressing Tech A.D.D.
September, 2010 Over-Equipped?
May, 2010 Studying Complex Concepts such as Beauty, Truth and Courage in Depth
A Focus on History, Literacies and ICT: Bringing the Australian National History Curriculum to Life
March, 2010

Why we still need libraries and librarians
Beauty and the Beast: Using Digital Riches to Enhance Learning

January, 2010 A 21st Century Skills Bookmark
Building Challenging Lessons Quickly with Digital Resources



November, 2009 Flickring Heights: Using Digital Photography to Spark Student Invention
September, 2009 Placemats: They're Not Just For Dining
Review: Media Literacy Resources from New Mexico
Play, Experimentation and Improvisation
Summer, 2009 Making Sense of Images from History:
Will the Real Joan of Arc Stand Up?
May, 2009 A Taxonomy of Synthetic Thought and Production
VocabGrabber: A Review
March, 2009

Reading Across a Dozen Literacies
Reading Between Digital Lines

A True Original


November, 2008 Getting Attention in the Laptop Classroom
September, 2008 Beyond Cut-and-Paste: Engaging Students
in Wrestling with Questions of Import
Summer, 2008 Beyond Mere Gathering:
Converting Social Networking into Collaboration and Synergy
May Making Sense? A Review of Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mind
What Digital Age?
After NCLB: Back to the Basics of Inquiry and Comprehension

Breaking the YouTube Blockade
Searching for the Grail
The New Reality: Making Sense of the World
in an Age of Distortion

Beyond Powerpoint
The Brave New Citizen


November Digital Nativism, Digital Delusions and Digital Deprivation
Learning authentically in the language arts classroom
September Teaching social studies authentically
A review of The Cult of the Amateur

What's wrong with a cheap computer?

Putting an End to Topical Research


December Photoshopping Reality: Journalistic Ethics in a Time of Virtual Truth
October Managing the Poverty of Abundance
Feeling Lucky?
The Image Blockade
Nothing but Net - The NoTime Slam Dunk Lesson

One Liners, Bloggery and Tomfoolery
The Online Professor Takes an Online Course
The Technology Treadmill
The Java Blockade


The NAEP, Comprehesion, Literacy, Technology NEXUS
Creating to Learn:
Has technology fulfilled its promise in your classroom?
A Review . . .
Internet Based Student Research: Creating to Learn with a Step-By-Step Approach

Finding the Deep Internet When You Need It


December Inspired Writing and Inquiry
October Wondering with and about Images
Power Reading and the School Library

Questions of Import: Introducing Biography Maker 2.0

Singular Displeasure: Technology, Literacy and Semantic Power Plays


When the Real Thing Just Isn't Good Enough

Smushing: A Low Grade Synthesis

Big Brother Comes to School
Telling Teachers What to Read
and What to Believe

Legal and Constitutional Issues


Summer Five Types of Slam Dunk Digital Lessons
Stuffing Technology into the Curriculum

The Sudden Unwelcome Death of E-mail


The Techno-Savvy, Book-Rich Media Center

The Technology Fix:
The Promise and Reality of Computers in Our Schools


A Road Map for Change

The Great Question Press: Squeezing Import from Content

Hitting the Books: Back to the Library

Two Photo Galleries:

1. Wonder Boxes and Wonderful Books
2. Was Bowie a Hero?

How Teachers Learn


December One Flew Over the High School

What is Smart Tech?

The Churn Artist Cometh

The New Homework (Revised)

Images Can Make Powerful Slam Dunk Digital Lessons

The Slam Dunk Digital Lesson

The Internet-only Research Approach: Does the Web really have all there Is to say?

Assessing the Impact
of the Maine Laptop Program
School by School

Summer Leading by Example: The High Touch High Tech Principal
Evidence, Intelligence and Presumption

in the Right Way

The Technology Presumption:
Could Integrating Technology Sometimes be Wrong-Minded?

Focus on the Locus


Beyond Bamboozlement

Questioning as Technology


The True Cost of Ownership


Practicing What We Preach

Simple truth is NOT always truth at all

Inspired Investigations

Just in Time Technology


December Haphazardous Planning: Trusting (Foolishly) to Chance and Happenstance

Other Worldly Learning

Matters of Movement

Register Your Copyright!

Market Penetration is Not Integration

The New Operating Systems - Must Have? or Must Miss?

Busted Flat in Battery Land

The Slam Dunk Digital Lesson

The Internet-only Research Approach: Does the Web really have all there Is to say?

Summer Leading by Example: The High Touch High Tech Principal
The Internet and the Upper Elementary Classroom: Making a Difference?

The Medium is Not the Literacy

Review: Bringing the Internet to School

Review: The Invisible Computer

Review: Teaching with Technology: Creating Student-Centered Classrooms

Tech Smart: Making Discerning Technology Choices

Review: Learning by Heart


Beware the Visionary

After Laptop

Is Sharing Out of the Question?

Review: Leading in a Culture of Change


Prospecting for Digital Resources

Look before You Leap

Review: The Connected School


Avoiding Secondhand Thinking

Teaching Inference, Interpretation and Analysis with New (and Old) Technologies

Review: The First Computer Mouse

Review: Oversold and Underused

Traits of an Effective Tech Coach and EdTech Program

The Overly Equipped Classroom

Off Road Thinking: Looking for Great Surprises


The Post Installation Action Plan

Paper Works Still

Creating Curriculum Rich Technology Plans with Site-Based Teams

Power Learning at NECC 2001: Wireless and Engaged

Learning to Go

Coaching as Professional Development

Building Good Ideas - Part Two

Toolishness is Foolishness

An End to Surfing?

Online Education: Eldorado or
Fool's Gold?

Building Good Ideas

Mixing Media and Metaphors

Verity: The Search for Truth

Technology in its Place:
A Review

I am my office.
I am everywhere?


E-mail Opens Up a World of Possibilities

The Great Turning Point

Payola on the Information Highway?

Beware the Grey Flannel Trojan Horse


Guilty Until Proven Innocent: State DOE Filters From Now On

How Teachers Learn Technology Best (Revisited)

Is Virtual Schooling a Virtual Reality?


Weeding the Garden

Horse before Cart

Skirting the Education Dot Bomb

From Trivial Pursuit to Essential Questions and Standards-Based Learning

The Unwired Classroom: Wireless Computing Comes of Age



First Things First: Networking for Student Learning

Pacing Change


The New Vertical File: Delivering Great Images and Data to the Desktop

Speaking of Fool's Gold

The Research Gap


Scoring PowerPoints:

Finding Your Way through Data Smog

Beyond Edutainment and Infotainment

Summer 2000

The Ties that Bind and the Links that Set Us Free

Winning with Information Literacy


Making Good Change Happen

What's the Story here?

Beyond Information Power

Review: The Social Life of Information

The New Lesson Plan

Thinking about a Child's Need for Reflection

The New New School Thing

When the Book? When the Net?

The Software Trap


Network Starvation

What's Next?

The New Library in the Wired School

No Free Lunch on the Internet


Scaffolding for Success

Research Cycle 2000

Questions and Questioning: The Greatest Technologies of All

Teaching to the Standards

Book Review - Silicon Venom: Clifford Stoll's New Book Argues against Computers in Schools

Students in Resonance: Provoking Fresh Thought and Deep Reasoning with Dissonance, Contrast and Juxtaposition

Respecting Heritage and the Classics while Mining the Millennium

The Devoted Visitor and the Visit without Walls

Beyond IT: The Failure of IT to Transform Schools

Why Choice Matters in Professional Development

Reaching the Reluctant Teacher
Teaching Media Literacy

Beyond ClipArt

The Dangers of Ignoring History and the Research on Change in Schools

Strategic Deployment of Hardware to Maximize Readiness Staff Use and Student Achievement

Since when is Adult a Dirty Word?

Scoring High with New Technologies

Beware of CEOs Bearing Gifts

TemplateArt, TemplateThinking, MultiMediocracy and Other TomFoolery

A Brave New World of Padlocked Libraries and Unstaffed Schools?

Networking for Daily Research

Bookshelf Attacks Museums

Waste Not - Want Not


Strategic Teaching in Concert with New Technologies
Digital Learning
Look Before You Leap! Information Literacy: A Clarification

The World Wide Web: Cyber Chaos or Learning Journey?

The CyberPilot's License

Forming an Information Literate School Community

The Laptop Fallacy

The Remedy: First the Purpose, Then the Design

The Missing Piece: Strategic Teaching

The Mind Candy Kafe: Replacing Truth with Placebo
The New Plagiarism: Seven Antidotes to Prevent Highway Robbery in an Electronic Age
Networking Schools: Managing Quandaries, Dilemmas and Conundrums
The WIRED Classroom: Creating Technology Enhanced
Student-Centered Learning Environments
Emerging from the Smog: Making Technology Assessment Work for Schools
Searching for the Grail: Power Searching with Digital Logic

Web Based Staff Development: Creating Commitment with Online Learning





A Questioning Toolkit

Of Chickens and Projects

Using Your WITs
With Writing Assignments

October The Question is the Answer: Research Programs for An Age of Information
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Graphical Organizers as Thinking Technology
The Research Cycle
Reach Out and Touch Something: Virtual Reality Transforms Virtual Museums, Online Exhibits and Exploratoriums
Why Network Schools?
Evaluating Web Info
In Defense of the Textbook
Digital Photography
April The Internet (Information) Ready School

Deep Reading and Deep Thinking

Why in the World Wide Web? Reasons for Schools to Launch Web Sites

February The New Homework