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The Educational Technology Journal

 Vol 11|No 7|April|2002

the Visionary

Sometimes they ride into town on white horses. "Let's become the first laptop school (or state) in the nation!" Next thing you know, life is full of change and churn - not all for the good. What's wrong with this picture?

By Jamie McKenzie
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Review: Leading in a Culture of Change

Michael Fullan identifies the key leadership traits required to make a real difference in the performance of any organization facing strong pressures for change.

By Jamie McKenzie
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Problems are the Solution:
Keys to Lifelong Learning

An important new book from Australia with a focus upon problem-based learning, questioning and literacies.

After Laptop

Some schools that asked parents to purchase a laptop for every student five years ago are looking at alternatives. What comes next in the logical progression?

By Jamie McKenzie
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Is Sharing
Out of the Question?

By Jamie McKenzie
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Why not share laptops, move them about and reserve some funds for program development, professional development and technical support?

The April Cartoon

The Instant

How did students survive back when they could only pass paper notes? Instant Messaging has vastly improved the flow of messages from one student to another in some more technologically advanced classrooms.

Credits: The photographs were shot by Jamie McKenzie.
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