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The Educational Technology Journal

Vol 9|No 8|April|2000





The New Lesson Plan

by Jamie McKenzie

Electronic resources can be easily collected and shared using word processing programs that incorporate Web links without knowing any Web page development skills.

The best new lessons plans will combine print and electronic resources to help students learn to make up their minds.


Thinking about
a Child's Need
for Reflection

By Kristina Kenegos Sullivan

Does modern childhood leave room for deep thought and reflection? Kristina Kenegos Sullivan explores the fate of reflection and wonder in an electronic age.

The New New School Thing

by Jamie McKenzie

Sometimes we suffer from educational run-off - a constant flow of new projects and challenges that may undermine the actual learning of students by creating such uncertainty and turbulence that it becomes difficult for teachers to focus on performance.


Beyond Technology:
and the
Information Literate School



How Teachers Learn
Technology Best






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