Post Pandemic Professional Development
with Jamie McKenzie

Fully vaccinated, I will once again be taking to the skies, flying hither and yon to deliver face-to-face professional development sessions to schools, districts and conferences. After being grounded by the pandemic for more than a year, I am eager to meet once again with educators who value fresh thinking, imagination, questioning and the smart use of technologies.

Bring me to your school or district for one of these full day workshops.

  1. A day of invention -- Synthesis and the making of good new ideas
    What are the best teaching and learning strategies to equip students with the skills to invent new ideas and come up with fresh new ways of doing things? After the pandemic, much will change and inventive thinking will be expected and rewarded.

  2. A full day devoted to the nurturing of students' writing, thinking and reporting. Much of the day will draw from strategies outlined in Jamie's two recent books: The Great Report and Laptop Thinking and Writing.

  3. Questioning 101 -- A day for teachers to develop powerful questioning strategies for themselves while building the questioning capabilities of their students.

    • Great Classroom Questions and Questioning Strategies
    • Equipping Students with Questioning Prowess
    • Organizing Investigations Around Questions of Import
    • Exploring, Discovering, Creating and Reporting
    • Assessing Progress on Questioning

Please contact me at to arrange sessions.


In the current economy, very few schools have money for professional development. With resources being so scarce, every hour of staff learning must be practical and full of impact. It must pass the test of Monday morning - equipping teachers with powerful techniques to improve student results. Better questioning. Stronger inference. Improved comprehension. Persuasive thinking and writing.

Jamie's sessions pass this test. They are exciting because of his dramatic presentation style, but they are also sensible and down-to-earth.

  • School Librarians - Why we still need them!
  • The Great Report
  • The Brilliant Question
  • Teaching students to make sound inferences
  • Making Great Digital Lessons
  • Nurturing original and inventive thinking
  • Questioning 101
  • Fighting Plagiarism
  • Preparing Students for the CCS
  • Image Power: Making Digital Images Roar
  • Skills for this Century
  • Gifted Thinking - Thinking Gifted
  • Lifting the Bar for the Core Standards
  • Reflecting on Reflection
  • Laptop Thinking and Writing
  • Lost and Found - Discovery Learning through Purposeful Wandering
  • eReading: How is reading changing thanks to eBooks and
    how can we improve comprehension with these tools?
  • Is the iPad a Game Changer?
  • Engaging students in making good new ideas. Every student a thinker!
  • Building Powerful Lessons with Digital Resources
  • Replacing Faux Inquiry with Real Inquiry
  • Managing the Laptop Classroom and Program
  • Beyond Cut-and-Paste: Engaging Students in Making Good New Ideas
  • Reading Across a Dozen Literacies
  • Teaching Media Literacy
  • Beating the Tests
  • Reading Between Digital Lines

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to arrange a or workshop.