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The Educational Technology Journal

 Vol 11|No 5|February|2002


Because new technologies make it all too easy to copy and paste the ideas of others, schools should require that students add value and originality when doing research. Students should be more than hunters and gatherers—they should be capable of developing their own ideas.

by Jamie McKenzie
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Review: The First Computer Mouse

This children's book tells the fanciful story of the first computer mouse—an Australian one, at that!

by Jamie McKenzie
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The February Cartoon

is All the Rage

PDA stands for what?

New state standards place a premium on students making sense of data - large chunks of information that mean little without the learner being able to read between the lines, crunch the numbers and extract meaning. This article explores strategies designed to strengthen the interpretive skills of students.

Stanford University's Larry Cuban takes a close look at how new technologies are being used in schools and considers whether the investment in hardware has paid off in improved classroom learning.

Photography by Jamie McKenzie

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