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Vol 17|No 5|May 2008
By Jamie McKenzie
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Lots of vendors and technology cheerleaders would have you believe this is a digital age, but much of the society would rather have it otherwise, preferring the rich and sensuous aspects of the natural world to the barren landscapes and menus offered digitally. Walk through a virtual rainforest or a real one? Hardly a choice unless you are addicted to the couch, the tube and your headphones.

Pink claims the society is shifting mightily toward R-brained thinking, production and employment. How well founded are his predictions and his pronouncements? Should schools embrace his prophecies and adjust their programs accordingly?

After NCLB:
Back to the Basics of Inquiry and Comprehension

By Jamie McKenzie
About author

When both political parties joined forces in Congress authorizing NCLB to impose a national regime of test driven learning on this generation of children, it was the worst educational policy decision of two centuries - the previous and the present ones. The damage done is huge and the failures many. Fortunately, the insanity of this kind of narrowly defined education has finally dawned on most people and NCLB as we first met it is now finished. The next decade promises a return to a richer, more broadly defined kind of schooling - one that engages students in building the comprehension skills that have declined in recent years. We can also look for policies that encourage students to remain in school rather than dropping out in frustration.

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