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 Vol 7|No 4|January|1998

Web Based Staff Development

by Jamie McKenzie
About the Author

The Web offers a radically different way to provide professional development to teachers. Online learning modules structure a journey for the adult learner which provides both comfort and success while exploring challenging new concepts and possibilities.

During the past 18 months I have worked with dozens of groups which have responded enthusiastically to this new approach to learning about new technologies and ways of organizing schools around powerful questions and research.

To explore such online professional development modules, take a look at a recently developed example available online here at From Now On.

Module Maker
Lessons which show teachers how to construct online research modules for students to explore curriculum topics.

To see the products which emerge when teachers are given a chance to learn and invent using this approach, take a look at student research modules recently created by teachers of the Grand Prairie Independent School District near Dallas, Texas.

Grand Prairie Student Research Modules

Grand Prairie teachers worked in teams for a day or two to build these online learning lessons for their students which would combine use of the "free Internet" with electronic periodicals available on all computer desktops on the district's network. The resulting products offer learning which is well structured, efficient, and highly challenging.

Other examples of free online professional development can be found at the following sites:

Bellingham (WA) Staff Development Courses

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