the educational technology journal

Vol 22|No 4|March 2013

Looking Ahead

Smart school leaders and teachers devote attention to the horizon. They ask what is coming. These questions should extend past the gadgets and new tools like eReaders and eBooks to curriculum and learning initiatives such as the Common Core Standards. Driving this exploration should be a focus on student learning. In this article, Jamie shares an approach to planning that positions a school to grasp new opportunities without falling prey to toolishness and foolishness.

The March Cartoon:

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

School library programs are vulnerable to senseless destruction by school leaders with little understanding of information technologies and the Common Core Standards.

Baltimore County Library Apocalypse

The superintendent of the Baltimore County Public Schools has set in motion a disastrous set of changes that threaten to seriously weaken one of the best school library programs in the nation. Ten steps backwards in the name of progress!

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