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 Vol 11|No 3|November/December|2001

The Post Installation
Action Plan

Sometimes districts are so intent on buying, unpacking and installing new equipment (such as wireless laptop carts) that they pay too little attention to follow through strategies likely to optimize frequent and worthy use. In this article, McKenzie outlines elements that are essential but often neglected.

by Jamie McKenzie
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Creating Curriculum Rich Technology Plans
with Site-Based Teams

Too many technology efforts overlook and bypass the program invention process. Buying the unfounded vendor claims that penetration (number of computers per classroom) equals integration, some districts wake up with little real standards-based use. This article points to group invention strategies that may fill that void.

by Jamie McKenzie
About the Author

What is all this nonsense about totally digital conferences and schools? This article explores the absurdity (and marketing aspects) of digital tyrannies in contrast to the ongoing value of technologies such as books, sheets of paper, marking pens, white boards, post-it notes and easels.

by Jamie McKenzie
About the Author

The November Cartoon

A Point of
Diminishing Returns

How small is too small?

Credits: The photographs were shot by Jamie McKenzie.
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