From Now On
The Educational Technology Journal

 Vol 12|No10|June|2003

Evidence, Intelligence
and Presumption

By Jamie McKenzie

School research prepares students for adult decision-making, problem-solving and policy-making. Can we teach them to respect and value the difference between evidence and presumption? Can we show them how to avoid a rush to judgment?

Assessing the Impact
of the Maine Laptop Program
School by School

By Jamie McKenzie

Working with a number of Maine schools that have volunteered for a self study, FNO Press has launched an assessment project that will track changes over a three year time period and assess benefits resulting from the new laptop program. Learn how to make use of this assessment model to track your own school's progress.

An important new book from Australia with a focus on problem-based learning, questioning and literacies.

Writing the Right Way

By Jamie McKenzie

We have been using word processors for more than two decades in schools now, but many classes still fail to exploit the full potential of electronic writing to improve student performance.

The June Cartoon
Shock and Awe

Some students seem to sleep through school year after year, never paying much attention or making much effort. Concerned about NCLB, some schools are considering technologies that will provoke just enough shock and awe to awaken even the most resistant students.

FNO Press Launches Web Site Critical of NCLB

Concerned that NCLB puts too much emphasis on testing and not enough on capacity building and funding, FNO Press has launched a new journal, "No Child Left," and a Web site,, to urge repeal or drastic amendment of NCLB. You can subscribe for free to the monthly journal.

Credits: The photographs were shot by Jamie McKenzie.
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