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Vol 22|No 1|September 2012

The Brave New Librarian

Two decades into the great experiment with Internet learning, we see much to applaud but many challenges that are poorly addressed by schools. Even though many have cut back on libraries and librarians, the huge shift in the information landscape has made information literacy and skillful searching more important than ever. Scaling back on library programs and staffing is a form of intellectual disarmament. One cannot race to the top while unskilling a generation of students. In this article Jamie argues that we need to increase support for library programs while encouraging school librarians to take a bolder approach to the assignment. Because the challenges of learning in this decade are monumental and the threats to library programs huge, he suggests that we need librarians who are especially assertive with regard to nine special dimensions of the job.

Smart Tech

After four decades of buying computers and other paraphernalia to enhance student learning, wise schools will step back to ask how this investment will achieve the best results. In this article Jamie suggests a half dozen questions to distinguish between Smart Tech and what he has long called Toolishness.

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