the educational technology journal

Vol 22|No 3|January/February 2013

Technology for the sake of technology
False promises, false prophets and false notions

For thirty years schools have been racing down a road that was paved with good intentions but full of sound and fury signifying very little in the way of student learning. Jamie argues that a focus on tools and technologies rather than sound instruction is a waste and a diversion from the goals of the Core Standards.

Core Standards and Technology

The Core Standards call for a strong commitment to smart use of technologies to support demanding thinking goals, but there has been little provided to show how this might be accomplished. In this article Jamie gives examples of ways schools can meet this expectation.

Mind Mapping and Revising on iPads and Laptops

Some schools rush to fill classrooms with iPad type devices without asking how well these devices support the kind of mind mapping and text revision an effective writing program requires. In this article Jamie argues for a mix of tools so that students will meet the demanding writing goals stated in the Core Standards.

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