From Now On
The Educational Technology Journal

 Vol 10|No 7|April|2001

Moving beyond smokestack conceptions to emphasize literacy.

The Great Turning Point

As early adopting school districts are finding that technology works no miracles by itself, they are turning increasingly to curriculum rich strategies that require robust professional and program development.

by Jamie McKenzie
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E-mail Opens Up a World of Possibilities

With the right support and encouragement, young people can employ e-mail to explore the world in powerful, very satisfying ways.

by Emily Morton
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Payola on the Information Highway?

Should the ranking of search engine results be up for sale to the highest bidder? Under what circumstances might such payments be a corruption of the system?

by Jamie McKenzie
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Beware the Grey Flannel Trojan Horse

When are business partnerships healthy and worth pursuing? How do schools avoid those portals and products and projects that might undermine the quality of learning and involve students in questionable enterprises?

by Jamie McKenzie
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Credits: The photographs were shot by Jamie McKenzie.
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