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 Vol 11|No 1|September|2001

Assembling and Cementing

The idea was to take the 4"x4" posts and tie them together across their tops with 2"x4"s. These could then be planted in the holes and cemented into place before adding the ladder like top structures.

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Chunking is a favorite problem solving strategy of many people - breaking up a task or problem into smaller sub tasks and then putting the chunks together later.

Sometimes people make the mistake of putting all the pieces of a new idea together before lifting it off the ground and testing it under realistic conditions. The new idea may be great in theory but sad in practice . . . weighty and impressive but impossible to sustain.

In this case, it was hard enough to carry six large posts and their framing down to the holes in the terrace. It took two people to carry the structure down and there were several times when it threatened to fall over and break.

Could the same happen with new ideas?

Thinkers and inventors learn to stage the development of projects and ideas, be careful not to rush the process or overload the system.

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