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 Vol 11|No 1|September|2001


How do we know when we are done? In the case of the arbor, there was still more ground to cover, still more vines to support and plenty of lumber and concrete to build more structures. Knowing when to stop when building ideas is a bit more complicated.

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The building of good new ideas can seem an endless process. If it were not for deadlines and pressures to take action, we might go on tweaking our plans for months and months. Ideas can ferment and change with reflection and experience, deepening and improving with time and consideration. Unfortunately, few of us have that kind of time or patience. We are apt to rush toward implementation rather than stepping back and letting time give us perspective.

"Fools rush in . . . "

One way to determine readiness is to establish some standards ahead of time . . .

This project will be ready for implementation once we have satisfied all of the following conditions:
  • We have been successfully field tested the main strategies.
  • We have consulted leading authorities in the field and their suggestions have been included.
  • We have considered and tapped all important sources of new ideas and unusual thinking.
  • The project plan is comprehensive, clear and coherent.
  • Etc.

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