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 Vol 11|No 1|September|2001


The second section of ladder is added to the top. Three parts have now been combined - the post structure and two ladder sections.

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In building ideas, action plans and solutions, we may have a number of sections that require melding and orchestration. While it is tempting to paste these parts together in a simple cluster or sequence, the planner must be alert to interactions and complications.

How well do the elements fit together? Do the disparate parts of the idea or plan match up harmoniously, or do they need to be adjusted for a better fit or match?

The old approach to school research with its emphasis upon collection did not challenge students to think about melding. It was enough to list ideas, strategies and possibilities. The whole issue of orchestration, balance and interaction was rarely addressed.

Preparation for problem-solving in real world contexts requires more than formulaic listing of actions. Strategic implementation requires adjustment and finesse.

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