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 Vol 11|No 1|September|2001

Collecting the Elements

Lumber laid out on the driveway ready to be cut into the right lengths to match the plans. Not shown, the cement, the galvanized screws and the many tools required to finish the job.

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The lumber and the cement required for this job were too large and heavy a pile for my Volkswagon Jetta's small trunk, so I had the pile delivered by a very large truck that carried its own fork lift. The driver skillfully lifted my pile from the truck and left the pile close to the project site.

Technology at its best!

When preparing a good new idea, we must also go on shopping trips to find the main ingredients and key elements of our final proposal. We may find them in their raw, unfinished forms, but the building of ideas requires collecting, piling, sorting and storing information in ways that it can be synthesized later to create the good new proposal.

Are there times we would welcome an information delivery or a fork lift? Yes, indeed. But much depends upon our ability to order just what we need. There's not much to be gained by someone dropping off a mountain when we need highly select, very pertinent information.

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Credits: The photographs were shot by Jamie McKenzie.

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