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 Vol 11|No 1|September|2001


Seven holes were still awaiting posts. New decisions to be made about the height and complexity of each new section. The first one loomed high and seemed imposing. Perhaps the next two should drop down a foot or two?

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Sometimes we make a plan and stick to it even when evidence accumulates that modifications are important. We stop learning and start implementing. We become so intent on driling and filling holes or classrooms that we do not stop to notice danger signs or evidence that the plan is not working.

Ideas and plans and proposals are meant to improve things. If those who suggest them do not take note of the true quality and worth of a project or an idea when it is set in motion, there is a serious risk that the project will fail.

If we teach students that all good ideas and projects are cooked up far from the field of action or the real context, we do them a real disservice. The best plans are modified as they are put into place.

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