Engaging Students in the Making of Good New Ideas
Module Eight -- Idea Box

Idea Box builds on some of the same kinds of analysis and thinking we witnessed with Slice-and-Dice. Once again the trick is to focus in on the attributes of the challenge. Michalko writes, "It is a way of automatically combining the parameters of a challenge into new ideas (parameter here means characteristic, factor, variable, or aspect."

Go to Mycoted at http://www.mycoted.com/Idea_Box and read the steps involved in Idea Box.

Now go to Page 119 of Milchalko's book and look at his example of how to improve a laundry hamper.

Take a favorite complaint of many teachers - the Faculty Meeting - and apply the Idea Box to generating better meetings.

You will find Idea Box on pages 117-125 of Thinkertoys.

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