Engaging Students in the Making of Good New Ideas
Module Seven - - Slice-and-Dice

The capacity to identify the attributes of an object, a plan, an issue or anything under study is a critical aspect of successful synthesis. Breaking the object, plan or issue into its component parts and understanding them (analysis) precedes the invention process.

Related words . . .

quality, characteristic, trait, feature, element, aspect, property, sign, hallmark, mark, distinction.

Let's apply Slice-and-Dice to lesson design. What are the attributes of a lesson? Make a list with your partner in your learning log.

If a teacher wished to improve the impact of lessons on his or her class, which attributes might prove the most promising to modify?

You will find Slice-and-Dice on pages 50-57 of Thinkertoys.

Please do not move to next module until instructed to do so by the facilitator.

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