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Coming in September 2017
Laptop Thinking and Writing

In his exciting new book, Jamie McKenzie shows how to use a computer (whether desktop, laptop or tablet) to dramatically improve both thinking and writing. It is a book created for teachers, students and anyone else who wishes to write powerfully.

Drawing upon his decades of successful writing and teaching, Jamie stresses the importance of pre-writing and mind mapping, providing vivid examples and strategies that are both appealing and convincing.

You can read the Introduction and Chapter One by clicking on the links below. See for yourself!

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Creative thinking
First things first - Composing ideas
Composing sentences & paragraphs
Finding the right word
Building a case
Solving a problem
Telling a story
Defining character
Applying for a school
Applying for a job
Lodging a complaint
Writing a poem or song
Writing a speech
Characteristics of good writing