The Great Report


  • Creates something new
  • Grapples with a big challenge
  • Explores the unknown
  • Shares insights and understandings that are perceptive and original
  • Awakens curiosity
  • Entertains, delights and illuminates

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Sample chapters are available online below:

great report

Outline of Chapters


Chapter 1. Why great?
Chapter 2. Why not so great
Chapter 3. The five pillars of greatness
Chapter 4. Pillar #1 - Curiosity
Chapter 5. Pillar #2 - Mystery
Chapter 6. Pillar #3 - Challenge
Chapter 7. Pillar #4 - Novelty
Chapter 8. Pillar #5 - Delight
Chapter 9. Upper Elementary
Chapter 10. Middle School
Chapter 11. High School
Chapter 12. Especially for students
Chapter 13. Especially for teachers
Chapter 14. Assessment



Jamie McKenzie has been exploring questions, questioning and discovery learning for decades now. His work centers on how teachers and schools might nurture those habits of mind most likely to help young ones find and build their own meanings rather than rely upon the thinking of others.

Jamie is convinced that effective inquiry is as much a matter of spirit and style as it is a matter of skill. In this book he outlines the basic elements — what he calls "pillars" — that turn a humdrum reporting experience into something important and delightful.

Based on a lifetime of work with teachers, students and schools, Jamie offers an approach to learning that is practical and productive yet inspiring.

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Order through the mail with a check, click here for the order form.