Powerful Writing and Thinking

After all the money spent on laptops, how much has student
reading comprehension, problem-solving and writing improved?

It takes more than good equipment to see results.

Jamie McKenzie is an international speaker and writer who has devoted his career to understanding how to nurture the questioning skills of students. He is the author of several books that explore that challenge in depth. He has also been working with laptop classrooms for more than a decade, identifying those strategies that work best.

Jamie McKenzie's resume

All participants should bring their wireless equipped laptops to the seminar, as the workshop includes hands-on activities. There will be wireless access to the Internet.

How can schools make sure laptops actually contribute to student performance?

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Laptop Writing and Thinking:
Secrets of Success

An entire day devoted to best practices.

If you believe that the best professional development involves learning by doing, then this is the perfect workshop for you.

Designed with teachers of upper elementary, middle and high school in mind, this session will focus especially on persuasive writing across several disciplines — science, social studies, language arts, the arts, etc.

Laptops could make a huge difference in the quality of student writing, but it takes some cleverness and strategy to realize that promise. Schools with laptops will see a major improvement in student writing when they teach students how idea processing and word processing can combine thanks to exciting software.

Jamie will involve the group in a process that takes advantage of mind mapping software, idea generators and synthesis strategies along with concept attainment, enrichment of vocabulary and the Traits of Effective Writing — all tailored to exploit the potenti

You will experience first hand a mix of writing and thinking techniques that turn a laptop into a powerful tool for expression.