Questioning 101

Bring this outstanding professional development day to your school or your district.

Every teacher needs a questioning toolkit to nurture and challenge the thinking of students. Every student needs a questioning toolkit to wrestle with difficult concepts and make new meanings.

This one day workshop is designed to equip teachers with a questioning repertoire that will enable them to elevate the rigor of classroom instruction and learning. You may select a high tech version that involves hands-on use of laptops or iPad type devices. Or the same material can be presented in a low tech manner.

Outline of Content

  1. Great Classroom Questions and Questioning Strategies
  2. Equipping Students with Questioning Prowess
  3. Organizing Investigations Around Questions of Import
  4. Exploring, Discovering, Creating and Reporting
  5. Assessing Progress on Questioning
Jamie has been working on questions and questioning for four decades. This extensive experience allows him to translate the skills and techniques into practical classroom strategies that teachers will find both comfortable and practical.

Research has shown that powerful questioning is an essential element in any effort to improve the comprehension and inference skills of students.

Contact Jamie at mckenzie to schedule a day.

Recent photographs of Jamie leading hands-on workshop for the Department of Defense Schools in Frankfurt, Germany. Photos courtesy of Jack Higbee