Selecting, Managing and Marketing Technology

© 1993, Jamie McKenzie, all rights reserved.

Selecting, Managing

and Marketing Technologies


Table of Contents


Chapter One - Future Perfect District Technology Planning

Step One - Creation of Planning Team
Step Two - Development of Scenarios
1. Articulating Your Mind-set
2. Information Hunting and Gathering
3. Identifying and Exploring the Driving Forces
4. Uncovering Predetermined Elements and Critical Uncertainties
5. Composing a Plot
Step Three - Creation of an Educational Mission Statement
Step Four - Using the Mission Statement for Technology Planning
Step Five - Selecting and Purchasing Technologies
Step Six - Gathering Data to Steer Program Development

Chapter Two - Staff Development for New Technologies

Step One - Clarification of Expectations
1. New Hires
2. Senior Staff
3. Regular Staff
Step Two - Creation of Staff Development Planning Committee
Step Three - Design of Program Offerings
Step Four - Adaptation of the Program

Chapter Three - The School Administrator as Technology Leader

I. Cultivating the Soil
II. Fertilizing, Watering and Providing Light
III. Seeding
IV. Connecting/Linking Rows for Irrigation
V. Weeding
VI. Inoculating Against Disease, Warding Off Insects and Scaring Away Crows
VII. Rotating Crops
VIII. Pruning
IX. Planning for Fallow Fields
X. Grafting

Chapter Four - Winning Community Support

I. Marketing vs. Sales
II. New Clients and Market Niches
III. Reaching the Mature Market
IV. Reaching the Baby Boomers
V. Reaching the Traditional Client Base

Chapter Five - Identifying New Sources of Funding for Technology

I. School Leaders as Grantwriters and Grantseekers
II. Big Fish in Small Pond: Selecting Funding Targets
III. The Importance of Forming an Educational Foundation
IV. By-Laws and Board Policy Issues
V. Board Membership as Strategic Tool
VI. Promoting Foundation Programs
VII. Identifying and Pursuing All Potential Technology Supporters
A. Large Corporations
B. Small Businesses
C. Alumni
D. Parents
E. Bequests
VIII. Marketing Technology Proposals: Packaging and Persuading
A. Know Your Target
B. Standing Out from the Crowd


Appendix A - District Technology Self-Assessment Form
Appendix B - A Future Perfect Scenario
Appendix C - Visualizing the Future
Appendix D - Visualizing the Future - Sample Response
Appendix E - District Technology Marketing Survey