Selecting, Managing and Marketing Technology

Appendix E - District Technology Marketing Survey

Dear Parent:

In an effort to develop school programs to match the real needs and interests of our students and their families, we are conducting this survey to learn more about your involvement with the new technologies which are becoming an important part of our society. Your answers to this survey will help us to create technology plans for the school district which should lead to improved services.

1. Please indicate which of the following types of equipment you currently own at home:

( ) Personal Computer? ( )

2. Do you presently subscribe to any of the following on-line information services:

( ) AOL ( ) MSN ( ) Compuserv ( ) Earthlink ( ) Other_______

3. Which of the following are frequent home uses of your equipment? Check all that apply.

( ) Games & Entertainment ( ) Home Business ( ) Tax Programs

( ) Desktop Publishing ( ) Databases ( ) Word Processing

( ) Spreadsheet ( ) Graphics ( ) Research

( ) News ( ) E-mail

4. Which pieces of technology would you plan to purchase next?

5. If we could make this kind of equipment available at one of our schools for community use, would you take advantage of the opportunity?

( ) Definitely yes ( ) Perhaps ( ) Unlikely

6. In which field are you employed and which technologies do you use in your place of work?

7. Would you be willing to conduct a career exploration workshop for students showing them how these technologies have changed your job?

8. What technology skills would you like to learn if the schools could provide instruction through an adult ed program?

9. How would you rate the job our schools are doing equipping your children with technology skills and awareness?

A___ B___ C___ D___ E___

10) What have we done with your children and technology which seemed especially worthwhile?



11) What have we failed to do with technology that we ought to be doing?


12) How could we improve our educational services regarding technologies?

13) How many children do you have at each level of the district?

____ Elementary____ Middle____High School

14) How many years have you lived in this town? ____


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