Selecting, Managing and Marketing Technology

Appendix D - Visualizing the Future - Sample Response

1. I feel curious, alive, full of wonder, encouraged, intrigued, overwhelmed, at risk, alive, supported by my peers, like dancing, like whooping it up, like jumping high, like moving on. I feel confused, abandoned, alone, lost, at risk, on the edge, but alive. Curious and alive.

2. I will go inside to find a book, to find an answer, to finish a project, to check the oven, to take a trip. I will start a voyage to another land, see the land, speak with another child, ask many questions, hear answers, develop understanding, solve the puzzle before me and start another.

3. They will ask me to explain, question my thinking, applaud my performance, suggest new strategies, coach, model good inquiry, listen, learn from me, cry when I move them, hug me when I need it, let go when I am ready.

4. I am scouting frontiers, asking questions, surrounded by questions, inventing answers, testing answers, on my own, but part of a team, challenged but supported, pushed beyond simple recipes, intrigued, try out new poses, new possibilities, afraid of the truth, afraid of the lie, committed to the truth, undone by the lie, willing to dare, take a risk, leap tall mountains, find something better.

I am an actor, a dancer, a potter, a poet, a scientist, a tinkerer, a tailor, a cabinet maker, a mommy, a daddy, a friend, a neighbor, a scout, an inventor, an architect.

5. I can smell flowers, feel the sun on my neck, touch the grass, chase a butterfly, sing songs, learn from my friends, play, jump and skip, hear stories, explore, fall down, skin my knee, sketch the geese in flight, hear laughter, see joy.

© 1993, Jamie McKenzie, all rights reserved.