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Problem-Based Learning

Engaging Students in Wrestling with Authentic Issues
and Challenges from the Community

Measuring Up to the Challenge

Module Eight - What is the plan?

Stages of Problem-Solving

Define Problem
Gather Data & Explore Possibilities
Invent Options
Evaluate Options
Create a Plan

It is not enough to study the problem. We expect students to come up with a plan - one that is worth pursuing and one that they might present to a community board or agency capable of translating their suggestions into action.

Unlike much school research that seems to go no where and fail the test of "So what?" Problem-based investigations are mean to lead to action.

The groups weighs the pros and cons of various options and then develops an action plan complete with time-lines and strategies.

Find three action plans for your project topic (Using Google) and make a list of the traits of an effective plan. How could you engage students in developing rubrics for a good action plan?

Next module. Please do not proceed until asked to do so by the workshop leader.

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