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Problem-Based Learning

Engaging Students in Wrestling with Authentic Issues
and Challenges from the Community

Measuring Up to the Challenge

Module Two - What kinds of questions pass the test of "So what?"

We hope to equip our students with the capacity to employ a toolkit of question types that can be employed to explore difficult challenges and to build solutions to complicated problems.

  1. Consider the cluster above. Do you understand the function of each question type listed? Check definitions by clicking here.
  2. Why are most problem-based learning units formed around essential questions?
  3. Can you see how some of these question types might be grouped according to function? Come up with 3-4 different categories that might work as a way to group them.
  4. Make a sketch of a new cluster diagram that shows your grouping plan.

Next module. Please do not proceed until asked to do so by the workshop leader.

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