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A River in Trouble?



Powerful Questions




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Which of the following questions would make for the most valuable student investigations?

  1. What should we know about the Snake River?
  2. What are the greatest problems facing the Snake River?
  3. What are the most significant threats facing the inhabitants of the Snake River territory?
  4. What can we do about the Snake River?
  5. What should we do with the Snake River?
  6. What should we do about the Snake River salmon?
  7. What should we do about the Snake River dams?
  8. What will be done about the Snake River?

During the next 90 minutes you will compare and contrast the qualities of the above questions in order to make a wise choice. You will decide what makes for more powerful questions.

Paste the above choices into your word processor and then rank order them from most to least valuable. Be thinking about what makes some more valuable than others.

Please do not proceed to the next module until instructed to do so.

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