A Day of PARCC (ELA) Preparation

Bring this outstanding professional development day to your school or your district.

Prepare your students for the demanding comprehension and inference questions that they will face when taking the PARCC tests.

In this one day workshop, Jamie outlines strategies to equip students with the powerful reading skills they will need to perform well. In addition, he will point out some of the unique technology skills that will be required to manage PARCC items on a computer.

Outline of Content

  1. How do the PARCC ELA test items differ from test items in the past.

  2. What are the best ways to equip students with the skills they will need to perform well on the PARCC tests?

  3. How is success on PARCC items dependent upon powerful questioning skills?

Jamie has been working on questions and questioning for four decades. This extensive experience allows him to translate the skills and techniques into practical classroom strategies that teachers will find both comfortable and practical.

Contact Jamie at to schedule a day.

Photographs of Jamie leading hands-on workshop for the Department of Defense Schools in Frankfurt, Germany. Photos courtesy of Jack Higbee

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