From Now On
The Educational Technology Journal

 Vol 14|No 1|October|2004

Thinking Through
The Technology Puzzle:
Winning True Integration

By David Bowman

So much of what passes as "technology integration" has been full of sound and fury meaning little, but David Bowman suggests an approach that emphasizes value, student learning and substance.

By Jamie McKenzie

What's the Story Here?
Numerical Literacy
and Number Games

Powerpoint slides from a September presentation in South Australia exploring the ways that numbers tell stories and may help us figure out what is going on or likely to happen.

An important book from Australia with a focus on problem-based learning, questioning and literacies.

© 2004, Jamie McKenzie

Slam-Dunk Digital Lesson
Format #6

By Tim Clarke, Staff Specialist at the CAEW - BOCES

Tim has developed templates in PowerPoint to speed and ease the process of digital lesson development.

Perception Management
Misinformation and Foggers

By Jamie McKenzie

The October Cartoon
The Next Best Thing:
Think Small!

McKenzie Seminars in a City Near You

Credits: The photographs were shot by Jamie McKenzie.

The artwork for The Slam Dunk logo was done
by Nico Toutenhoofd and Sarah McKenzie
of Insight Designs -
It may not be used or duplicated without the explicit permission of Jamie McKenzie, inventor of the model

as the image is copyrighted by him.

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