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From Start to Finish

Module Four

Enrichment and Idea Generation


Once we have made our first word sketches and started filling up our bead trays, we begin ranging a bit further afield, seeking additions.

We may go on a beach walk . . . or a flight of fancy . . . or a fancy flight. We seek experiences which may deepen and enrich our first efforts.

Some folks call these journeys of the imagination, excursions. We allow our playful selves to explore and wander like children crossing a vast meadow.

We open our selves to the many colors in the evening sky.

We stir the soup pot of our sub conscious so the best parts do not stick to the bottom.

We cultivate a sense of wonder.

Visit the Web and explore the lyrics on these sites (
. Or give this cowgirl music site a try.

As you explore, add whatever new words and ideas "come to mind" to the collection you began earlier as you enjoy this Internet excursion. If you find song lyrics you wish to save, your workshop leader will show you how to copy them from the Web page and paste them into a note attached to a circle in your cluster diagram.(Instructions)

When your workshop leader tells you to begin the next activity, use your word processor to write several ideas in response to the next question . . .

Strategy question: How can the teacher create provocative experiences like this one to encourage idea generation?


Please do not move ahead to the next activity until asked to do so by your workshop leader.

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