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Facilitator Strategies
for the Enrichment and Idea Generation Activities of Module 4

The goal of this activity is to show the value of browsing, grazing and wandering about with an open mind to collect evidence and examples before taking a position on a controversial issue.

You will demonstrate how to attach notes to an object in the cluster diagram and then how to paste lyrics, findings and evidence of various kinds into the note box.

Act 1

Open and display a cluster diagram with several artists names showing but no notes showing or attached.

Act 2

1) Now go in the browser to one of the lyrics sites and model the browsing process (but make sure you've tested this in advance).

You might explain that a particular song has always bothered you or impressed you.

2) Select and copy the best lines from the browser.

3) Return to Inspiration™ and select the oval with your artist's name.

4) Point out "Note" in the menu bar and click on it.

5)Paste the lyrics and other information into the note box.

6) Repeat the process for the songwriter's name.

7) Point out the features of a note box and how one opens, closes and notices them.

Set the group free to browse and collect, wandering about to see how they are doing and provide support as required.

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