Decision-Making 101 - Making Smart Choices
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Module Five - - Collecting and Considering the Evidence
Basing decisions on data, facts and sound intelligence.

We teach our students to make choices based on data, facts and sound intelligence as they relate to the criteria established at the outset of the investigation.

In the case of our ship captains, we review the historical documents to find stories and incidents that might speak to the issue of fairness.

Project Gutenberg provides many historical documents from the voyages such as A Voyage to Terra Australis, by Matthew Flinders.

Read through his account and see if you can find encounters between Flinders and native people. What do his behaviors in these encounters tell you about his fairness?

Of course the actions of one captain are better understood when contrasted with those of a contemporary, so the words and actions of Captain James Cook are worth comparing with those of Flinders.

"A Voyage Towards the South Pole and Around the World"
Volume I--Volume II

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