Vol 5 . . . No 4 . . . December, 1995


Columbia's Reform Readings
A collection of articles in LiveText covering dozens of essential topics regarding educational change and restructuring.
Developing Educational Standards
An excellent annotated list of those sites which have educational standards documents prepared by various states and professional organizations.
Educational Technology Taxonomy
"Educational Technology: Tools for Inquiry, Communication, Construction,and Expression" - This paper presents a taxonomy of educational technology applications organized in terms of the ways they support integrated, inquiry-based learning.
IS World Net Teaching & Learning
Evaluation and Measurement Page - Higher Ed resources to assess growth in technology-related skills.
Kossor Education Newsletter Talking to legislators about OBE
Attacks OBE
Making the Connection - Abstract
Federal study of why few classroom teachers have made substantial use of new technologies.
Making the Connection - Summary of Findings
Summary of the Office of Technology Assessment findings.
New Times Demand New Ways of Learning
This section of a report from NCREL details the indicators that educators and policymakers can use to measure the effectiveness of technology in learning.
NCREL's technology-planning resource page
Technology and School Reform
A wonderfully annotated list of resources provided to you by the folks at Armadillo, one of the great educational lists on the WWW.
What Does Research Say About Assessment?
More great information about assessment from NCREL.

The Sad and Sorry State of Technology Program Assessment---Hypotheses for the Sad and Sorry State---Why Bother? What's the Pay-Off?---The Centrality of Clear Goals and Outcome Statements---Assessment for Navigation---Self-Assessment Instruments---Performance Assessment Instruments---When all is said and done---Resources

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