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For any adults charged with protecting students from World Wide Web sites and Internet sites which might introduce them to the insidious influence of SMURF culture, BIGBROTH-BIGSIS, Inc. announces with pride a brand new software product which will isolate your students from any sites which contain any mention of SMURFs. SMURFWATCHER is 97.2% effective so far, although Version 3.2oA, soon to be released, approaches 99.7% effectiveness, keeping virtually all schools SMURF-FREE.

There is no such thing as SAFE SMURF. Just say "NO!"

The nice thing about SMURFWATCHER is that a panel of experts have done all of the thinking and selecting and deciding for you. We have encrypted our selection codes so that they are secure from peeping, lurking SMURF offenders.

If you have any question about the threat to our children from these blue creatures, check out some of the following sites which are easily identified by conducting a WEBCRAWLER search:

DMW Silicon Showcase
Welcome to the all-new DMW Silicon Showcase! . [Modified for Netscape viewing].
This is the world premiere site for all the exciting and new things that can be found at DMW Incorporated. From checking out the fantastic "Smurf Home ...


By January, 1996, we hope to introduce, BOOKWATCH, a software product which will help you eliminate all books containing certain words from consideration for purchase by your school library. BOOKWATCH will scan and sanitize all requisitions and purchase orders, knowing which books should be cleansed from the list. ADVANCED BOOKWATCH has a "MOM&DAD; KNOW BEST" feature which will auto-suggest replacement titles.


Wasn't that a play by Arthur Miller?

Isn't that the real question here?

Was it Thomas Jefferson who once said,
"The price of liberty is eternal vigilance."

This parody was crafted by Jamie McKenzie
For more on this topic, read the June, 1995
issue of From Now On,
"Protecing Our Children from the Internet (and the World)."

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