Planning Good Change
with Technology and Literacy

Based on two decades of planning effective uses of new technologies, this book brings you the best of Jamie McKenzie's thinking about launching successful technology programs with a major emphasis upon literacy and integrated learning.

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Chapter One

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Table of Contents

Part One
Not all change is good change


Chapter One Making Good Change Happen
Chapter Two First Things First
Chapter Three Future Perfect Planning
Chapter Four Beware CEOs Bearing Gifts
Chapter Five Beware the Bargain
Chapter Six Beware the Bandwagon
Chapter Seven Beyond IT: The Failure of IT to Transform Schools
Chapter Eight Beware the Shallow Waters! The Dangers of Ignoring History and the Research on Change in Schools
Chapter Nine Network Starvation
Chapter Ten The Unplugged Classroom
.. Part Two
Good Planning Strategies
Chapter Eleven What's the story here?
Chapter Twelve Figuring out what matters
Chapter Thirteen Involving the stakeholders
Chapter Fourteen Asking lots of questions
Chapter Fifteen Strategic deployment of hardware to maximize readiness, staff use and student achievement
Chapter Sixteen Waste not, Want not
Chapter Seventeen Pacing Change
Chapter Eighteen Networking Schools: Managing Quandaries, Dilemmas and Conundrums
. Part Three
Examples of Good Change
Chapter Nineteen Stories of Focus on Literacy
Chapter Twenty Stories of Focus on Strategic Reading & Thinking
Chapter Twenty-One Stories of Focus on Exploration
Chapter Twenty-Two Stories of Focus on Invention


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