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 From Now On
The Educational Technology Journal

Vol 9|No 2|October|1999

The list and the activity below was created by Jamie McKenzie and Laura Lewis for a 3 day hands-on workshop designed to show schools and museums how to construct online exhibits. Outline of workshop at

For further information contact Laura Lewis at



Visit and critique at least two sites from the list below (Exhibits and Exploratoriums).

This group includes a variety of interactive exhibits, many of which are science oriented.

Athenaeum for Children - Museum of Finnish Art with collection organized for children by concept.

Dance of Chance:Exhibit Hall - The Dance of Chance exhibit is a collaboration between the Center for Polymer Studies at Boston University and the Boston Museum of Science. The exhibit is based on current research pursued by CPS scientists, their collaborators, and modern scientists around the world. The focus of the exhibit is the emergence of patterns in Nature from physical and biological processes which on the microscopic level appear to be dominated by chance.


Exploratorium - Learning Studio

Exploratorium - Learning Studio On-Line Exhibits

FAMSF-Education-Publications-Ghost of the de Young

Science Learning Network: Home

SLN: Explore Our Resources

This group requires the use of Apple QuickTime VR

Apple QuickTime VR Home

Apple QuickTime VR Samples

Desert Quicktime VR

Illinois State Museum--Uses of QTVR for Museums

Leonardo da Vinci Online exhibits from the Museum of Science in Boston.

Museums in the Classroom - QTVR

Medius Interactive presents VR SEATTLE

NOVA Online/Pyramids/Explore the Pyramids


This group requires the use of Real Space Viewer 2.0 from Live Picture.

Cambodia Welcome - virtual tour of Sculpture of Angkor and Ancient Cambodia from the National Gallery of Art.

This group requires the use of Intervista's WorldView VRML software or its equivalent.

VRML Site of the Week Archive

Planet 9 Studios

Planet 9 Studios

Mark Connell's MEGA LIST of VRML sites

Mars Pathfinder

NASA's Virtual Reality Models and Animations of the Pathfinder Mission

Learning Sites interactive 3D archaeological educational and research tools--home page.

Learning Sites solutions for museums

This group requires the use of Virtus 3-D software

Interactive Exhibits - Singapore

Electronic Notebook Activity 2

Jot down three or four things you have learned from visiting these different Web sites. What design elements have you liked? Which Web sites did the best job of presenting information, why? In what ways have these visits influenced your thinking about the project your school might launch?

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