Creating Online Exhibits, Museums & Exploratoriums

Goals of the Workshop

Creating Online Exhibits is either a two day workshop or it can be spread out over four half days, with one cohort in the morning and one in the afternoon. It was designed to show school staff and their museum partners how to design and build online exhibits, museums or exploratoriums.

For information on costs and how to schedule such a workshop in your school district, contact Jamie McKenzie at

The World Wide Web provides a remarkable opportunity for schools and students to create online learning experiences and environments. This workshop is designed to develop your appetites, challenge your inventive faculties and inspire you to mobilize the folks back home to build something wonderful.

Just what is a "virtual museum?"

an "online exhibit?"

an "exploratorium?"

The answer, it turns out, all depends upon the work you will do when you leave this workshop. This is a frontier and you are the pioneers. Most of the early development so far has imitated marble museums and physical spaces, taking little advantage of the interactive quality of Web pages.

We believe that young people, with your help, will help us invent and build entirely new models for exploration and discovery.


By the time this workshop is over you should be able to

  1. Construct dynamic working definitions of "virtual museum," "online exhibit" and "exploratorium"
  2. Develop personal visions of what a school virtual museum, online exhibit or exploratorium might deliver in support of student learning and curriculum
  3. Acquire planning, design and HTML skills required to construct a virtual museum, online exhibit or exploratorium prototype
  4. Apply these skills to the development of a school-based virtual museum, online exhibit or exploratorium
  5. Identify strategies to engage a broad group of staff and students in the design, construction and management of a virtual museum, online exhibit or exploratorium


1.1 Introductions & Goals
1.2 What's it all about? Exploring Examples & Critiquing
What are we going to build?
Partial list of metaphors
shopping mall
grocery store
amusement park
1.3 What's it all about? Exploring Examples
1.4 Debriefing & Adding Metaphors
1.5 Introduce HTML Head & Body & Basics - Foyer
1.6 Select theme & find examples in Library of Congress
What are the natural partners and curriculum themes/topics?
Possible Themes:
* work/occupation
* leisure
* hunger
* domestic
* Anger
* Romance
* Shelter
* Food/Clothing/Costume
2.1 Interpreting the past
Powerful Questions
2.2 HTML
The Object Page
Labels and Interpretation
2.3 HTML Labels and Interpretation
Page with Title
Interpetive Text
Broken Image
Image Placement
Object Label
2.4 Site Design, Mapping & Templates
What is the lobby?
How do we divide up the content?
Helping People Locate themselves
Navigational Buttons
2.5 Cool Models of Design & Navigational buttons
They build their own list of design tenets,
design standards
Elements of design
2.6 Look at Design Sites to Inform own lists
Readings for tonight . . .
Search & Find mission
Read later
3.1 Effective Design
Discussion on Design
What are the 2-3 most helpful or powerful design concepts you picked up?
3.2 Gathering Images
Detroit publishing searching
File naming conventions
3.3 More HTML
creating the template
Copyright (internal & external)
Lobby link
3.4 Creating Object Pages
3.5 Creating Object Pages
3.6 Copyright, Netiquette & Legal
Homework: What are the partner, curriculum and resource possibilities from which I might select for our school's project?
4.1 Create Foyer page with thumbnails
introduction to the Exhibit
4.2 Create Foyer page with thumbnails
4.3 Weaving Meaning and Objects
hyperlinks and Adding Objects
At least two internal and two external links from text.
4.4 Weaving Meaning and Objects
hyperlinks and Adding Objects
4.5 - 4.6 (1 hr) Bringing it All Home
Action plans and effective change strategies


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