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First Things First

B. Communication and Collaboration

  • Does the network reduce isolation, increase contact and support the exchange of ideas, resources, and inventions?
  • Can teachers and students conveniently store and find their work on the network so that the work builds and is always available?
  • Can teachers and students exchange lessons, instructions, work and information across the network with ease and comfort?
  • Do library media specialists work with teachers to design their buildings' information menus so that they are age appropriate, coherent and curriculum relevant?
  • Can teachers and students exchange information and ideas with teachers, students, experts and others regionally or globally?
  • Can teachers and other staff members share good ideas, questions, interests and needs through e-mail exchanges?
  • Can the administrative staff communicate important information and expectations through the network to all groups which have a need to know the information?

C. Access

  • Does the network offer frequent, easy and convenient access to resources so that the rich information and powerful tools become part of the daily life of the schools as well as all the staff members and students?
  • If all students wished to make use of computers on a daily basis, how many minutes would be possible? If they wish to spend 3-4 hours in a week writing an essay or doing research, is that possible?

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