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First Things First

  • If teachers will be operating more as facilitators of learning than instructors up at the front of the room, which of the following verbs are most likely to describe their activities and what are the implications for the design of a classroom environment? of a network?


validating moderating


facilitating diagnosing
disciplining moving



monitoring observing


challenging encouraging


watching modeling


motivating suggesting


seed planting clarifying

This questioning can proceed by observing examples from other districts and by convening invention teams at each level of the district to try out various models before making a commitment..

The lessons learned and the problems avoided thanks to a year of invention and testing could save the district a huge amount of money, frustration, disappointment and embarrassment, as the focus on delivering practical lessons is likely to bring many design issues into the foreground that might not otherwise emerge until most of the infrastructure had already been nailed down.

Many school networks suffer from the "network starvation" outlined fully in Chapter Nine. To put it simply, understaffing of technical support and underfunding of information resources can lead to a network that has little of substance to offer the leaners. Such networks may scream with speed and bandwidth while possessing nothing worthwhile to deliver.

When planners start with curriculum questions, it should quickly become evident that there is no "free lunch" on the Internet. No district should rely on the "free" Internet alone.

When a student or teacher sits down at any desktop in the district, they should be greeted by a rich information array.

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