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First Things First

Those who have spent time exploring curriculum topics with the "free Internet" soon find that it is flawed in many respects, suffering from Info-Glut, Info-Garbage and excessive marketing. They move swiftly to supplement the "free Internet" with other information products for which they pay a hefty price.

The goal is to equip each desktop with a dozen rich and reliable information products.

A student might select from several periodical collections, an atlas, an encyclopedia, a thesaurus, a book of quotations, a dictionary, an almanac, as well as special collections of literature, history and scientific information. The district should build a "new vertical file" for each school offering local developed and collected data.

For those considering which information products they might purchase for their networks, there are a half a dozen or more from which to select. Because all of these are rapidly changing and improv

Prominent Candidates for Purchase

  • Electric Library
  • ProQuest Direct by UMI
  • SIRS
  • InfoTract
  • World Book
  • Encyclopedia Britannica
  • Encarta
  • Microsoft Bookshelf (Dictionary, Atlas, Encyclopedia, Almanac, Quotations, Thesaurus, etc.)
  • Image Collections & Archives

Listing does not mean or imply endorsement.

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