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First Things First

3. Combine rich information
with powerful tools in a strategic manner

Before designing a network, the planning group should begin to clarify what students will actually be doing with the new technologies. This clarification will begin with a full listing of questions worth considering such as the following:

  • Which curriculum concepts, themes and issues will students explore as part of this initiative?
  • Which kinds of information sources (electronic and print) will they require to complete a thorough investigation?
  • How will students sit? Alone? In pairs? In trios?
  • How much time will be desired at a sitting?
  • How frequently and for what duration will they need access?
  • Will they need access within the social studies classroom or science classroom or further down the hall in the school library or a computer lab?
  • What reference tools will they need?
  • What mindware like Inspiration will best support and extend their thinking?
  • What will the teacher be doing? How will the role of the teacher change, if at all?
  • What spatial organization of the new technologies will best support the kinds of learning and teaching activities that are anticipated? Should equipment be in rows or peripheral?
  • Would wireless notebooks work best?
Teaching science in a laptop classroom in Antelope Valley, California

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