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Great Britain

  • All Souls School Virtual Tour of British Museum's Ancient Greek Artifacts suitable for Key Stage 2 students. (7 - 11 yrs) and adults. Excellent photographs and explanatory text. Step-by-step history of site construction
  • Welford and Wickham Primary School - An impressive collection of pages devoted to various topics in history which includes excellent graphics and student art as well as interesting text. Here you may learn about the Stuarts and the Aztecs, for example.



  • Ancient Egypt Virtual Museum
    Created by Lincoln-Titus Elementary School sixth grade students in Crompond, New York. Excellent collection of images and information exploring life in ancient times.
  • Albuquerque Public Schools in partnership with the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science. The major student project featured on the site is the Water Ecology Research Project.The water ecology research project is a three week, half day program designed for middle school students. The curricular focus of the program is water ecology and riparian biological diversity.
  • Animals of Starved Rock - Lincoln School, Mendota (IL)
  • Comparing Mississippian Lifeways to Modern Cultures - Westbrook Elementary (IL)
  • Comparison of Human and Animal Tools - Stone Academy (IL)
  • Comparison of Animals of the American Plains and the African Savannah - Triopia Elementary (IL)
  • Ellis Island
    Alderwood Elementary (Bellingham, WA) is collecting electronic artifacts which will provide the basis for exploring origin and heritage.
    The Salmon Museum is the latest virtual museum from Alderwood. - The students at Alderwood Elementary explore the world of the salmon.
  • Fairhaven Turn of the Century Museum
    Fairhaven Middle School (Bellingham, WA) provides a local history museum showing life in the 1890s and early part of this century. Great photographs of timber, salmon fishing and canning as well as other aspects of community life.
  • Global Show-n-Tell Museum
    A wonderful online collection of children's art and other productions.
  • Heckscher Virtual Musem - This Virtual Gallery of art exhibits was a project spearheaded by the Half Hollow Hills School District and Long Island University's Department of Educational Technology and its Electronic Educational Village (EEV). Our Virtual Gallery was developed over a month's time within four different workshops:
    • Workshop 1 consisted of learning about the technology behind developing virtual reality panoramas and then taking images of the galleries using Sony Mavica digital cameras.
    • Workshop 2 participants used Apple iBooks to record descriptions of each artifact in the gallery and enter the items and their images into a database of gallery information.
    • Workshop 3 saw the construction of web pages for each of the gallery artifacts.
    • Workshop 4 produced virtual panoramas of the galleries with node links to larger images and information about the artifacts within the galleries.
  • How Birds are Used in Different Cultures - Marie Murphy Junior High (IL)
  • An Internet Art Extravaganza
    First grade art masterpieces. Vivid work displayed with intriguing stories. Glen Lake Elementary School. Maple City, Michigan. In these pieces we used pencil, pen and markers to recreate an image.
  • Keepers of the Past - Lincoln School, Springfield (IL)
  • The Lake Whatcom Centennial Museum
    The Geneva Elementary School in Bellingham has created a museum devoted to local history.
  • New York State - A Fascinating Journey
    Created by Lincoln-Titus Elementary School sixth grade students in Crompond, New York. This is the second virtual museum created by this school.
  • Major Events in the History of Chicago and Illinois - May Community Academy (IL)
  • Mankato State University EMuseum of Anthropology - This is a virtual museum of anthropology, built and maintained by students at Mankato State University's Anthropology Department. It has collections and exhibits on Ancient Egypt, Minnesota Prehistory, Anthropologists (biographies), Latin American Prehistory, dating techniques, ethnohistory, as well as many other areas. New material is being added all the time.
  • The Mastadon in Our Backyard dealing with the diversity of what was in our "backyards" 16,000 years ago and present day. Created by a third grade classroom in Lombard, Illinois as part of a collaborative project with the Illinois State Museum and Brookfield zoo. Museums in the Classroom is a Learning Technology Initiative of the Illinois State Board of Education.
  • Monroe (WY) Middle School
    Learn from old photographs about the Native Americans and the coal mining of this territory. Also enjoy a Virtual Zoo and a collection of student writing and art.
  • Museum Magnet School Home Page - St. Paul, Minnesota.
  • A Museum of Snacks - Half Hollow Hills School District (NY) - Third graders developed their first web site using the concept of virtual museums as their starting point. After brainstorming for a subject, the students decided to research the area of American snacks. They sub-divided their topic, brought in and photographed their individual items, and then posted the result on the district website.
  • Natural Resources of Kankakee: Past and Present - Shabbona School (IL)
  • The Nunamiut Project! - From the North Slope, Alaska, School District: Experience the past and present ways of the inland Eskimos or Nunamiut from Anaktuvuk Pass, one of our schools. This project is the results of major work from teachers and students at Anaktuvuk and it includes a tour of the local cultural museum, student essays, a "Geoportrait" of Anaktuvuk Pass Today, and a Photo-journey Through Time.
  • Old Tyme Virtual Museum - Created by students in Quincy, Illinois, this museum shows crafts from long ago such as chair caning and cider pressing.
  • Our Gold Rush Community - Created by students and staff of Deer Creek School in Nevada City, this website tells about the rich gold rush history of this California community.Students can explore the people, community, mining, and transportation of the Gold Rush era as well as view photos and a timeline. This is an outstanding example of collaborative learning, coordinated by teacher C. Mendenhall.
  • Pacific Rim
    Kulshan Middle School (Bellingham, WA) is developing resources to assist students as they compare and contrast Pacific Rim Cultures.
  • The Peace Museum
    Indian Hill Primary School (Cincinnati, Ohio) Students have defined what peace means to them through pictorial and written examples. Others, nationally and
    internationally, have published entries as well.
  • The Prairie Chicken Past and Present - Newton Central Elementary (IL)
  • The Rice School Galleries (TX)
    including student writing, photography, and art.
  • Role of Bison in Native American Life - Hamilton Elementary (IL)
  • 16,000 Years of Environmental Change in Kane County, Illinois - Central Middle School
  • Southern Illinois Wetlands - Egyptian Middle School (IL)
  • Spear Points of Central Illinois - Fieldcrest Elementary South (IL)
  • The Uxbridge (MA) Public Schools - The Discovery Museums
    A Partnership of the Uxbridge Public Schools and The Discovery Museums where students design interactive exhibits that are shared system-wide. School yards and classrooms become places for experimentation, exploration, and discovery.
  • Virtual Ancient Civilizatios - Urbana (IL) Middle School
    An ongoing creation by sixth grade students. It houses information and resources relating to early people, Mespotamia , Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, Maya, Inca and Africa as well as the Middle Ages Each wing includes WWW resourses, photos, student works,and classroom activities. This Museum was created as a result of the "ISBE's Museum in the Classroom Grant"
  • The Virtual Museum of Music Inventions - Oak Park (IL) Schools, District 97
    The Virtual Museum of Music Inventions features photo exhibits of musical instruments made by elementary and middle school students. Plans for teaching an interdisciplinary unit about sound, using science and music, are included at this site. Participants are welcome and may register online.
  • Virtual Renaissance:
    Twin Groves Junior High School in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Virtual Renaissance has been created by students and teachers to provide an interactive resource to those interested in the life and times of the Renaissance period. The travelers to this website will find themselves transported back through time and space to a period completely different from their own. They will meet many interesting characters who will be happy to speak with them about the many different people from this time period; what they did, who they were, and the accomplishments they achieved.
  • Wilmette, IL - Central Elementary School Local and state history museum created by third graders.
  • World Writers
    Birchwood Elementary (Bellingham, WA) students invite students from around the world to publish their stories.


  • Hooper Virtual Paleontological Museum
    Ontario college students have published their multimedia research reports at this very impressive site. A great model for what is possible. Examples:
    • Burgess Shale - Hidden Treasure in the Canadian Rockies
    • Mass Extinctions - Cycles of Death Through Earth History
    • Complexity Theory - Impact of Spontaneous Self-Organization on Organic Evolution
    • Insect Flight And Other Fascinating Entymological Facts
  • Lochearn School's Museum Lochearn Elementary School in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada. A group of grade 4 & 5 students are developing a museum about their community. As it developes in will include information about famous community members (as selected by students), special school and community events, regional geography, history of our community, and other topics as selected by students.



South America

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