The All Souls Museum Story

Submitted by Leon Cych -

The All Souls School Museum - A Virtual Tour of British Museum's Ancient Greek Artifacts

Visit All Souls School by the Web Virtual Tour of British Museum's Ancient Greek Artifacts

Expanded Description of purpose and focus:

Tour of Ancient Greek Objects in the British Museum suitable for Key Stage 2 students. (7 - 11 yrs) and adults.

How did you do it? A history of step-by-step museum construction process:

I checked with the museum beforehand about copyright and ascertained it was OK if I took my own slides. I took a SLR camera, filters for fl; fluorescent light and glass flare, monopod and very fast push processing film to the museum, took lots of photos of all the exhibits - had these transferred to slides (transparencies) then chose the best images to be transferred to photo CD ROM. I hired the Web space and wrote the HTML links. I also used a HP mono scanner for the black and white images.

Future Plans?

To cover several tours of the BM and link Adobe Acrobat worksheets to these.

Educational benefits?

Covers the National Curriculum in Britain in this area. Useful insight into how Ancient Civilisations moulded the modern world.

Student Involvement - What have been the roles played by students?

I gave several tours of the museum with my students in small groups. Their interest in several key artifacts and questions helped me make these pages.

Advice to other? What are the most important tips or cautionary notes you migth share with others?

To do it well you will need a long time....

HTML Construction Techniques? How do you build your pages? Which software, etc.?

I used Aldus Photostyler 2, Microsoft Publisher, LView Pro1, Corel Draw 3, Webedit, Word For Windows & HP laserjet printer and scanner. I used basic HTML commands. I would benefit from having acess to a CGI-BIN script on my server but it doesn't matter if you have a clear map and text image pathways.

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