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 Vol 10|No 6|March|2001

Glenn Russell

Dr. Glenn Russell is a lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Monash University, Victoria, Australia.

His thirty years of experience in education have included twenty years as a school teacher, and ten years lecturing to undergraduate and graduate students at Australian Universities.

His work in information and communications technology has been published in an extensive range of journals and magazines throughout the world.

Glenn is a graduate of Monash University and has a Ph.d from Griffith University (Qld). His current research interests include virtual schools, educational futures and ICT, hypertext and challenges to school teaching practice, and pre-service teachers' perceptions of teacher training in ICT.

Contact is welcome to discuss issues arising out of published articles or for speaking engagements. (E-mail:

Further information is available at <>Glenn's personal home page at Monash University, or at the <>current list of research interests and publications at Monash for Glenn Russell


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