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The Technology Fix - A Review

William Pflaum spent a year visiting classrooms to see how teachers and students are making use of computers and other technologies.

A Review of Todd Oppenheimer's "The Flickering Mind" - One Flew Over the High School

McKenzie faults Oppenheimer for selective reporting, distortion and bias. He visits Napa to check on the veracity of Oppenheimer's reports.

Reading the Naked Truth:
Literacy, Legislation and Lies

Gerald Coles strips away the veneer of the National Reading Panel's report and reveals for all of us the distortions and misrepresentations that permeate the so-called scientific considerations of this highly partisan panel.

Bringing the Internet to School:
Lessons from an Urban District

Schofield and Davidson paint a detailed picture of a prolonged and noteworthy effort to bring effective practice to classrooms of a Pennsylvania district. This is a tale of triumphs and disappointments.

Learning by Heart

Roland Barth offers a vision of school change that celebrates the special qualities of each school and stresses the importance of building from within rather than surrendering to top down mandates.

Leading in a Culture of Change

Michael Fullan identifies the key leadership traits required to make a real difference in the performance of any organization facing strong pressures for change.

Oversold and Underused

Stanford University's Larry Cuban takes a close look at how new technologies are being used in schools and considers whether the investment in hardware has paid off in improved classroom learning.

The First Computer Mouse

This children's book tells the fanciful story of the first computer mouse—an Australian one, at that!

The Connected School

Barbara Means and a team of researchers report which factors have frustrated technology efforts in urban schools along with those strategies that have proven most effective.

Technology in Its Place

An excellent book joins the chorus of thinkers asking for meaning and purpose rather than technology for its own sake. John F. LeBaron and Catherine Collier, Editors. John LeBaron and Catherine Collier have collected excellent essays written by some perceptive thinkers, all exploring fundamental questions about wise uses of new technologies in schools.

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