Getting Lost in the Good Old USA


Given the controversy over wiretapping, eavesdropping,
e-mail reading and other kinds of snooping conducted by the CSA without court warrants, this novel is especially timely.

Magda Mirage is a dazzling red head well known to every TV viewer and talk show junkie. Forced to flee Manhattan by her dead husband's shady old friends, she dyes and cuts her hair, dons frowsy looking clothing, turns off her cell phone and heads for the wilds of Montana.

Will flight do her any good?

Is it possible for anyone to hide any more?

Is it possible to slip into oblivion or get lost?

Is privacy obsolete?

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On the Run from Manhattan to Montana

Getting Lost
Table of Contents

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  1. On the Run
  2. Along for the Ride
  3. Crossing the Park
  4. He Fades Away
  5. A Change Could Do You Good
  6. If You're Gonna Fly Away
  7. Sanctuary
  8. Game Plan
  9. A New Day
  10. Brewing
  11. Leaving Word
  12. Crossing to the Other Side
  13. Road Tripping
  14. Beauty is Only
  15. Road Songs
  16. Turn Me On
  17. Many Miles to Go
  18. The Start of Winter
  19. Up Up and Away
  20. All Fall Down
  21. In Due Time
  22. Key to My Heart
  23. I'm Waiting on You, Hon
  24. I've Got to See You Again
  25. In the Mean Time
  26. You Can't Take it with You

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