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Horizon Issues

11. Wizards, Push Technologies, Relationship Technologies, Intelligent Agents, Mindbots, Artificial Intelligence

Teachers (and their students) will benefit from a highly customized flow of information based on personal interests, needs and style.

Relationship technology will make it easier for merchants and publishers of all kinds to alert us to attractive opportunities, effectively reducing teacher isolation and bringing us into the mainstream current. Amazon.Com is a good example of affinity software alerting subscribers to expanded reading opportunities.

Teachers will take advantage of these technologies and will learn how to show their students ways to employ them.

Learning More

Do a search at Electric Library and read at least 2 articles that cast light on this trend or issue.

Possible search questions:

  • How are technology wizards changing our lives?
  • "push technology"
  • "relationship technology"
  • "intelligent agents"

Visit and read through several of the following:

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